Archive for dicuss all trade issues, for tradesmen to help the public and each other

Introduce yourself here!
Say hello to other members, tell us who you are and what you do! Tradesmen - state which trade your in!
Name and Shame!!
Been a victim? tell us about it here.
Your websites!
Post your website here, let us have a look!!
Learning A Trade?
Get help and advice here from qualified professionals
Do's And Don'ts
Some advice on the Do's and Donts
We have some advice but if you do too, here is the place!
A Tradespersons Dream!
Help for VAT/Payroll/Tax returns Etc..
Advice and who to contact for help!
Trade Employment
Need to fill a vacancy?
If you have a job going, tell them about it here!
Looking for work?
If your looking for a job in the industry, post your interest here!
Safety First!
Health and Safety
Do you all know the law and regulations?
Tradespeople and Advice
Associations - Trade
Are they good or bad??
Get advice from Builders and talk about them!
Advice from carpenters and talk about them!
Double Glazing
Get advice and talk about them!
Have you tried it? Did you have a nightmare??
Driveways & Paving
Talk about them here and share your experience!
Get advice, like get a professional in!!
Gardening Services
Talk about your green fingers and landscapers etc..
Talk plasterers and get yourself some advice, its harder than it looks! Dont try this at home..
Plumbers & Heating Engineers
Had plumbing/heating done? talk plumbers and get advice from them.
Tools and Tool Hire
What power tool etc do you recommend? Where do you hire your tools from??
ALL the trades!
Talk business, no matter what trade your in, talk about it here! (TRADESPEOPLE ONLY)
Design and Marketing
Looking for help in design/marketing? Offering services?
Product Development
Help/Advice from those who know!
Off Topic
Bad day in the office?
Tell us about your bad day, if we cant help, we can have a laugh!
Talk sport, football, rugby any sport goes here, especially if you lost your bet!
Anything Goes
Talk about anything you like - Keep it Clean!!
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